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Miracles Hypnosis Center is located in Milford Connecticut. We service all of New Haven and Fairfield counties. The founder of Miracles Hypnosis Center is James M. Vera CCH. James is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and is a member of the NGH National Guild of Hypnotists. James sparked an interest in hypnosis after many years as a Respiratory Therapist where he witnessed his patient’s struggle with quitting a habit that had a horrible effect on the quality of their lives. Their struggles became his inspiration to learn a painless technique to help them break the cycle. So it was at that moment Miracles Hypnosis Center was created.

family smoking on couchHe has also worked with people with all types of sleep disorders and conducted sleep testing for many years. He started using hypnosis on sleep clients with insomnia, CPAP claustrophobia issues, night terrors, sleep hygiene issues and various other sleep issues with great success.

After learning the success of hypnosis in helping people break their life long cycle of smoking, he soon discovered hypnosis was effective in helping ordinary everyday people with ordinary everyday problems. He has helped countless people with all types of problems such as weight loss, anxiety/stress, phobias/fears, male impotence, and sports performance. In addition he has helped many people pass all types of tests and exams from BAR exams, NCLEX-RN exams, fire fighter certifications, SAT’s etc. He also uses hypno-coaching to help people achieve their specified life long dreams, goals, and desires. James has learned over the years that there is not one problem a person maybe experiencing that cannot be resolved through hypnosis.

woman on scaleHe uses an eclectic approach of conventional hypnosis combined with NLP techniques and EFT techniques specifically tailored to each client’s individual needs. His background as both a student and teacher of The Law of Attraction and positive affirmations is another wonderful addition to his client’s experience. James is available for your next public speaking engagement.

His compassionate, positive, uplifting and energetic approach is what makes him so unique and successful. He incorporates his wonderful sense of humor into every session so everyone feels better than before they arrived. Each client is treated as a unique miraculous individual! Each person is as unique as their fingerprint and that uniqueness is celebrated at Miracles Hypnosis Center. Contact us today for your free phone consultation!

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